Museum education: history lessons with a difference

Who knows how to make a fire – of course without a match & amp; Co? And what did people eat hundreds of years ago? What games were played back then? And how was life then compared to the reality of our life?

Children and young people of different ages will find answers to these questions in our museum education offers. The programs are aimed at pupils of all school classes in regular and special schools and are carefully tailored to the current curricula.

Whether with exciting interactive tours through the medieval buildings or with educational hands-on programs – here, life in the Middle Ages is presented in an understandable and interesting way. Pupils immerse themselves very actively in everyday life in the Middle Ages – and through their own action they find new solutions to various challenges then and now.

Since we are a recognized extracurricular learning location , our guides are regularly trained in museum educational work with children. This is how history lessons come alive.

Request our offer – we will be happy to provide you with more information. In addition, we have additional teaching material for several grades.


In the area of ​​museum education, the aim is to convey the following experiences:
  • Experience medieval everyday life up close
  • Applying and trying out everyday work and methods from a time before electricity and heating
  • New old ideas for sustainable living
  • Conveying knowledge about life in the Middle Ages
  • Strengthening the class community through challenges to the whole group
  • Reflected transfer of the experiences made into everyday school life

You can read more about the history park for children here: excursion destination history park

You can find well-founded documents and worksheets for designing your lessons here.

Download unserer aktuellen Broschüre

Laden Sie sich hier gerne unsere aktuelle Museumspädagogik-Broschüre herunter.

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Museumspädagogik Broschüre

Interactive tours for school classes

  • Building and living in the Middle Ages
  • Childhood in the Middle Ages
  • Broad beans and woolly pigs – gardens and animals
  • Our neighbors – The Slavs in the Upper Palatinate
  • Life in the castle
  • Town and country in the High Middle Ages
  • Life on the Golden Road – Trade and Travel in the Middle Ages
  • Handicraft in the Middle Ages – A new royal court for Charles IV is emerging

Duration 1.5 hours, price: 7 euros / student including admission.


Participation offers for school classes

Mitmachangebot 1

Der Archaeokoffer – Den Geschichtspark in Ihrem Klassenzimmer erleben
geeignet ab der 5. bis 13. Klasse

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Mitmachangebot 2

Glänzender Schmuck bei den Slawen – Zinngießen
Gesamtdauer: 2,5 h, geeignet ab der 5. Klasse

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Mitmachangebot 3

Feuerstein und Zunder –
Feuer selber machen
Gesamtdauer: 2,5 h, geeignet ab der 3. Klasse

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Mitmachangebot 4

Bogenschießen –
Jagd und Verteidigung

Gesamtdauer: 2,5 h, geeignet ab der 5. Klasse

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Mitmachangebot 5

Steinchen fangen, Kubb und Nüsse kullern – Spielen im Mittelalter
Gesamtdauer: 2,5 h, geeignet ab der 1. Klasse

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Mitmachangebot 6

Das Mittelalter ist bunt –
Spinnen und Färben

Gesamtdauer: 2,5 h, geeignet ab der 5. Klasse

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Mitmachangebot 7

Gesundheit aus der Natur – Wir gestalten ein Kräutermenschlein
Gesamtdauer: 2,5 h, geeignet ab Kindergarten bis 4. Klasse

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Die Museumspädagogik im Geschichtspark Bärnau wird durch die Rainer Markgraf Stiftung (Bayreuth) finanziert.